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Also, my photographs are for sale.
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Question   Butterfly and Nature Photos
I just want to say that I think your
Butterfly Pictures are awesome, I love Butterflies. Thank you for sharing your photos with the public.

- LaVerne Gavel 6/30/2006 11:30:32 AM

  Answer Thank you LaVerne....

- Charlene B.  6/30/2006 12:23:32 PM

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Question   Enjoyed
Char, I really enjoy checking out all the pictures, especially the ones of the kids. Take care

- Judy Anderson 3/21/2006 7:22:45 PM

  Answer Hi Judy
Thank you....I'm really glad you visited my website....

- Charlene B.  3/21/2006 7:25:49 PM

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Question   Love your pics
You have a gift to see color even in the dark. I have spent several hours enjoying your artwork.

Thank You

- Jorge  Laguardia 2/8/2006 11:48:13 AM

  Answer Thank you so much Jorge....what a wonderful compliment.

- Charlene B.  2/8/2006 2:33:06 PM

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Question   Love your work
Keep up the good work.petermuckler.com

- Peter Muckler 1/4/2006 10:33:42 AM

  Answer Thank you so much Peter!!! Very appreciated!!!

- Charlene B.  1/4/2006 10:51:09 AM

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Question   Your website
I met you at Independence Grove. I have enjoyed your pictures.They are just amazing and truly you have a God given talent to share with others..Diane:)

- Diane Carrington 9/21/2005 11:25:17 PM

  Answer Thank you so much for visiting Diane....and for the wonderful comments!!

- Charlene B.  9/21/2005 11:26:33 PM

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Question   photographs
just wanted to congradulate you on your many awards and tell you how impressed I was with both your betterphoto gallery and your web page....i have on at jacquelineslater.tripod.com if you would like to visit me there and if so please sign my guest book too! I will be forwarding this to alot of my friends who like photography...you should be very proud! your great at what you do !!
Jacqueline Slater

- Jacqueline C. Harmon 8/26/2005 1:10:38 PM

  Answer Thank you Jacqueline!!!! I really do appreciate the wonderful comments and I will be visiting your website very soon!!!

- Charlene B.  8/26/2005 2:02:21 PM

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Question   your photo #874328
Checked out your gallery tonight, Charlene! It is fabulous! Really so well done
and the photos are awesome.

This Deluxe Web Site visitor is commenting on your photo #874328, entitled
Perriconne Nursery.

- Charlene Bayerle 5/5/2005 5:16:43 PM

  Answer Thanks so much Kathleen for the wonderful comments about my site!!!!
Truly appreciative!!!

- Charlene B.  5/5/2005 5:17:58 PM

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Question   dreamy effect on flowers
Hi Charlene, I was looking through your gallery and I love your flower images. They are so breathtaking and dream like. I'm curious how you made them look so "dreamy". Was it a filter on the camera or in PS?

- Julie M. Cwik 4/22/2005 9:19:53 AM

  Answer Hi Julie
Hi Julie
Thank you.....
I do use the dreamy filter that is a plug in for Photo Shop, but I also use
Photo Impact 8.5. In photoshop, if you go to filters, click on noise and
then click on dust and scratches. You can get a dreamy effect from that too.
Hope that helps Julie!!!

- Charlene B.  4/22/2005 9:22:16 AM

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Question   Your gallery
Char, I just wanted to drop you a line and say what a wonderful gallery you have. I love your flower shots they are beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Darla Cobus

- Darla Cobus 4/11/2005 7:10:18 AM

  Answer Thank you so much Carla....thanks for visiting my website!!

- Charlene B.  4/11/2005 7:11:22 AM

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Question   Image #430192 Magical Wild Flowers
Hi Charlene,
Great Gallery, how do you get the bubbles, is it photoshop? The baby Madison on the bubbles is awesome, I would love to learn that technic. Thanks, Jeanine

- Jeanine Grady 4/6/2005 7:59:26 PM

  Answer Hi Jeanine
The bubbles are created in Photo Impact Pro 8.5. That software has a lot of fun ideas....hope that helps.

- Charlene B.  4/6/2005 8:02:38 PM

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